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We have been the experts for new & used event technology for over 30 years. vision tools was founded as a distribution brand from AVTV GmbH, which was established in 1987 by Stephan Schlüter. vision tools has a nationwide sales structure with offices in Hamburg, Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, as well as a branch in Amsterdam.

Thanks to our decades of expertise and our broad specialist knowledge, vision tools is now one of the leading companies for audiovisual equipment in Europe. We consciously focus on long-term partnerships and work closely with a global network of producers and technical service providers. We are highly respected by our customers and partners for our flexibility and comprehensive expertise.

vision tools – your contact for professional audiovisual equipment.




vision tools – the experts for audiovisual equipment: Our range of services includes consulting and the provision of presentation and media technology for event technology service providers and the specialised AV- retail sector. Our services include both the hire and sale of equipment.

vision tools closely follow the latest developments on the market and continuously invest in modern and future-proof equipment. Constant monitoring of the market, quality control and the development of new products are an integral part of our corporate strategy. This is why our consulting services are always manufacturer-independent. Together with our customers, we find the service that perfectly matches their ideas and budget. If required, we also develop customised products and solutions for specific projects.


We work with professionalism, speed and precision: as soon as we receive your order, we prepare our quotation immediately. Fast order processing, coupled with high stock availability and on-time delivery, is a matter of course for us. Our service portfolio is broad and also flexible:

We don’t just offer what is known as dry hire rental – a rental option favoured by customers who have their own media technicians and logistics – on request we can also take care of project planning, technical advice, logistics, as well as on-site support and set-up. This approach is particularly recommended for unusual projects that require specialised knowledge. So our customers can fully maximise the value of their project.


As a nationwide wholesaler for audiovisual equipment, we not only hire media equipment, we also offer our complete product range for sale. New items from a wide range of manufacturers from all over the world come in to our Düsseldorf location every day. Thanks to our decades of expertise and our global dealer network, we have a wide range of the latest equipment and can be the first to offer new products. The new products offered by vision tools include always a manufacturer’s warranty.




Service has always been a top priority for us: The equipment we use is constantly checked and serviced in our own maintenance workshop by qualified IT and electronics technicians before it leaves our warehouse in perfect condition for the next event. This service is also available to our partners – even if the equipment was not purchased from vision tools.




Loyalty to our partners and neutrality towards their customers are very important to us. The special feature of our rental service is that we take a back seat as a company and deliberately keep a low profile. This means that all our staff, technical equipment and transport vehicles are intentionally not branded. Not a single company or brand logo refers to vision tools. This is our unique selling point and our contribution to uncomplicated, flexible co-operation, in which a high level of customer satisfaction is the focus and goal of our work.
On request, however, we will of course be happy to provide your customers with personalised advice and support them – discreetly and on your behalf.

Our Customers

Business to business: We see ourselves as a partner for professionals and exclusively supply event technology service providers, system houses, equipment suppliers and media technology integrators. Our customers appreciate our many years of expert know-how in the field of presentation technology and our service-orientated approach. We support our customers reliably, providing advice and, if required, project support – so that their needs and requirements can be fulfilled in the best possible way.


We focus on the highest quality paired with professionalism: Our portfolio includes products from our long-standing partners such as Analog Way, Panasonic, NEC, Epson, AV Stumpfl and many others.

Our rental range includes DLP-, LCD- and laser projectors, LED walls for indoor and outdoor use, standard, signage and touchscreen displays. Our portfolio also includes digital camera, recording and playback technology, signal transmission and processing as well as computers and media servers. Split and seamless walls, and even unusual formats can be realised, are also part of our product range.


Media technology from our rental segment can also be purchased on request: We offer tested and up-to-date equipment from our rental range at reasonable conditions for purchase. This “FairBudget equipment” is of course fully functional, workshop-tested and often comes with a manufacturer’s warranty or a special vision tools guarantee.Our used event technology includes used projectors, video mixers, cameras, displays, screens, video technology and accessories.

Used technology – save money and protect the environment
Two birds with one stone: purchasing used technology not only has a favourable effect on your budget – you can save up to 50% of the new price – but you also protect our planet at the same time.





We use resources responsibly and give media and event technology a second life.

Used technology – save money and protect the environment
We love event technology – and our environment. For us, sustainability is a matter close to our hearts and has therefore always been an integral part of our company philosophy. In line with this philosophy, we assume social and ecological responsibility and give electronics a second life.

Technology that looks like new and works like new – and protects the environment
Sustainability has nothing to do with doing without – on the contrary, the reuse of electronics is an enrichment for everyone: Purchasing used technology is not only budget-friendly, but also protects our planet at the same time. Choosing used electronics automatically protects the environment. This is because electronic devices contain metals, rare earths and toxic substances that are harmful to the environment and are currently difficult to recycle.

Remanufactured and refurbished electronics, on the other hand, are often as good as new, conserve natural resources and have a significantly lower CO2 footprint than new devices. Devices consume many times more energy in new production than in their subsequent use. The majority of emissions are therefore generated during production. vision tools always has the environment in mind – both when selling and disposing of technical devices: In order to contribute to sustainable development in the long term and reduce waste from electronic devices, vision tools follows the WEEE guidelines (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment). All vision tools devices are WEEE-certified.

Sustainable electronics – an extended life cycle for devices
The useful life of electronic devices has been decreasing rapidly for years. Countless old devices end up being disposed of and become electronic waste, even though they would often still be functional for years. According to the Federal Statistical Office, 4.6 million tonnes of electronic waste was thrown away in Europe in 2017 alone. In the same year, every inhabitant in Germany generated an average of 10.1 kilograms of electronic waste. A total of 837,000 tonnes of electrical and electronic equipment ended up in waste collection points in this country – extremely frightening figures, which is why a rethink is urgently needed. As a leading distributor of audiovisual equipment, vison tools is fully aware of its responsibility: we see our rental, refurbish and fair budget offers as a contribution to a more responsible use of valuable resources.

Durability, instead of an ever shorter service life
In our opinion, the sustainable and respectful use of natural resources is essential and future-oriented. That is why vision tools helps technical devices to have an extended life cycle. We focus on durability rather than the decreasing useful life of technical devices. In addition, we are constantly working on optimising our refurbishment methods to ensure the reuse of a large number of devices.

Would you like to reduce your ecological footprint? Then take a look around our vision tools shop and discover an enormous range of reconditioned and refurbished media technology.